1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated Lane’s birthday on Saturday, May 16th. We were so excited to have our family and friends together for his cookout. Sadly, I did not get ANY pictures of Lane with family or friends…so if you are reading this and you DID get some pictures I would love for you to email them to me!!

Here is some of the spread…Yummy!

This was my first attempt to make a smash cake. Lane’s room is chocolate and blue. His rug has a turtle just like this.

Cupcake cake 🙂

This is the best picture I have of the three of us…too bad none of us are looking at the camera!

He really did not want to get in the high chair and eat cake in front of a crowd. It took some convincing to get him in the chair without tears. Then he just poked the cake…not sure who’s child this is, I would have attacked my cake! 🙂

I don’t remember exactly how, but Lane managed to get his foot in his cake! It was hilarious! So, we took him for a quick bath while everyone ate cake, then we rejoined the party!
It’s a good thing he is not spoiled at all! But like my MeMe Zogg always said, “If I child is not spoiled, he’s neglected!”

Checking out his new dump truck! Thanks Mrs. Aimee!!

Representing TEXAS! Lane was SO excited Memaw and Papaw were able to make it to his party!

Lane was excited to rip (and eat) the paper!
Lane LOVED his tunnel and tent system GiGi and Papa Rock gave him. He got so excited he had to sit on his present 🙂 Aunt Sarah is in the background – could be one of the only pics we have of Lane with people at his party.

Lane also LOVED his train from Nana and Granddaddy! He was amazed by all the buttons to push and loved all the songs and noises that followed!
Lane’s two best buddies, Maggie and Miller, also loved the train…Unfortunately Lane has not mastered sharing. We are working on that!!

After opening all the presents, we ended Lane’s party with a year in review video.

The following is a link if you would like to watch the video I made for Lane. I must warn you, I am a PROUD mama and had a hard time editing. I chose only my favorite pictures and video clips and it still ended up being about 20 minutes long. But, I decided trying to shove a year worth of 1st into 20 minutes was pretty good. Thank you to everyone that made Lane’s 1st birthday (and year for that matter!) wonderful! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! We love you!



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