Family Beach Trip – day one

At the end of June, we took a wonderful little vacation to Destin, FL. This was our first beach trip since being married! Chris and I were extremely excited to go!!

When we first got to the condo, Lane discovered all the places he could climb. 🙂
How high can go?

Aunt Sarah and JJ came and played with us at the beach our first day. Somehow I did not get any pictures of all of us at the beach that day, but I did get one of Sarah that night at dinner. We had a great time at the beach. They took Lane out into the ocean and he actually liked it!! I’m not sure if it was because I was not walking out into the ocean with him or if it was because it was his second time seeing the ocean in a month. Either way, I was soo excited the took him out there. After the last beach trip, I’m not sure I would have tried to go out there with him. Here are a couple of pictures from dinner our first night.


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