Family Beach Trip – day three and four

On the last day at the beach, I realized that I had not taken many pictures of Lane on the beach playing. That was my goal! So, here are some of my favorites. Since Lane enjoyed his kiddie pool on the first beach trip, we brought it along this time. He did enjoy it, but he did not stay in it nearly as much as he did with Gigi and Papa Rock around.

He spend a good portion of the day out in the ocean! He loved it! He would have preferred that we put him down. 🙂

Cooling off with a bottle of water.

Playing in the sand!
stomping on the waves!


He loved sitting in the ocean and splashing.

We discovered Lane Loves long walk by the beach..or long wagon rides by the beach. 😉

Daddy got a great workout too!

The next morning, we got packed up and out of the condo. Then we headed out to the outlet malls. After a couple of hours of shopping we headed home. This was a beautiful sunset on our way home! It was such a wonderful, relaxing trip! We can’t wait to go back again!!


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