Aldridge Gardens – August 20th

Lane, Gigi, Papa Rock and I decided to go out to Aldridge gardens one day for lunch. We had a picnic then fed the ducks and turtles. I knew Lane would love that part, but I did not realize how much he would enjoy everything else – especially the statues! As we walked past the first statue, Lane began to scream and point. So, I let him out of the stroller and he ran over to the turtle and bunny! He was amazed! He had never seen anything like those statues before.

Hi turtle!

It’s a bunny rabbit!
It’s not everyday you get to ride a bunny!
It looks like he is crying, but he was really squealing with excitement!

Checking out the little waterfall.
Piggy-back ride through the lake trail.


McWane Center – Aug 14th

Once the “summer” was over and I was no longer watching sweet Jackson and Carson, Lane and I decided to do EVERYTHING in Birmingham. For over a week we left the house everyday. Our first day by ourselves we went to the McWane Center with Gigi and Papa Rock. The McWane center is an awesome hands-on museum and was much bigger than I realized! The main floor was mostly for bigger kids, but there was one area for his age. Some of his favorite parts of this area was the submarine, sandbox, water table, and an area he could climb up tunnels to different landings (kind-of like a big McDonald’s playground).

Driving the submarine.

The McWane Center had two water tables. Lane preferred the much smaller table. Here are two pictures of him splashing! He started out fairly calm…

Then he went nuts! This particular table had a piece of glass separating the two sides. I had to move to the opposite side to take some pictures…He had a blast!

The top floor was perfect for Lane’s age. This floor was the “Itty Bitty Magic City.” It had huge foam blocks, a dress up areas, putt-putt golf, a coal mine, a grocery store, and all sorts of trucks and cars to climb. It was awesome! You can see foam blocks in the picture. Lane loved crawling through the tunnels and over the cubes!

Driving is serious business.

Playing with Gigi in the delivery truck.

The bottom floor has a tiny but fantastic aquarium. Lane loved seeing all the fish and the huge eel! Seriously, look at that eel! It was a beast!