November Trip to Houston

In November, Lane and I went to Houston with GiGi and Papa Rock to visit family. This is a long trip, ESPECIALLY for a baby. We stopped several times at rest areas with playgrounds. We also played a lot of games in the car to keep him entertained…

Lane and Momma Bear enjoying the ride.

Playing peek-a-book under his jacket.

While we were in Houston, we took Lane to the Hands-On Museum. He had a blast!

Instead of a sand table, they had an oatmeal table.

We also visited the Houston Zoo. Here he is sitting in an Eagle’s nest.

I see you Papa Rock!!

Petting a stone fox

In the actual petting zoo area…hahaha!

a REAL elephant!

Mommy teaching Lane what elephants say, “Rooollllll Tide Roll!”

The zoo had a little aquarium. This was a cool tunnel that allowed you to crawl through the aquarium. Lane LOVED being in the middle of all the fish!

Somehow, I did not manage to get a single picture with family!!! Pitiful! So, Houston family watch out, next time we see you there will be a photo shoot! 😀


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