Lane’s 2 year check up

On Friday, May 21st we had Lane’s two year check-up with Dr. Anderson, the best pediatrician! Lane is currently 35 inches long (70th percentile); weighs 26 lbs 10 oz ( 40th percentile) and his head circumference was 18 3/4 inch (25th percentile). Lane is doing great!

While we were there, Dr. Anderson also wanted to check Bethany’s weight again. She weighed 6lbs 11 oz. Growing girl!

Bethany’s first Dr. visit

We had to take Bethany to see Dr. Anderson on Monday, May 17th to have her weight and bilirubin level checked. She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz. – not a huge gain, but Dr. Anderson was still happy. Her bilirubin level was higher than when she was in the hospital, but not to a dangerous level. He said that it was typical and that babies typically peak at around 5-6 days. So, overall it was a great visit.

Bethany was an absolute trooper during her heel prick too! She did not cry at all! She did start grunting at the guy because he kept having to squeeze her foot to get enough blood to run the test. I think she was more annoyed with him than in pain!

Bethany Claire comes home!!

On Friday, May 14th, we were able to take Bethany Claire home. When we left the hospital, Bethany weighed 6 lb.. 7 oz. She was doing great! I took several possible going-home outfits to the hospital – a girl has to have options! All of the little dresses were too big, so we went with the smallest outfit – an adorable pink smocked dress! Have I mentioned how much I love little girl clothes!!

After we left the hospital, we made several needed pit-stops. First to CVS to get some drugs, then to Hobby Lobby. I wanted to pick up a couple things still needed for her nursery. Then we went home. We were all pretty tired. Chris and Bethany took a nap on the couch. So sweet!

May 13th!

On May 13th, Lane’s Birthday, I was still in the hospital. I can’t lie, I was really bummed that I was not able to be with Lane all day long to spoil him. That’s what birthday’s are all about, right? Cake for breakfast, fun outings, favorite foods for dinner, more cake and presents…Well, since I was not able to take Lane out for a day of spoiling, Gigi, Papa Rock and Chris did! They went to the zoo and played on the splash pad.
While they were out, I played with my beautiful baby girl. Look at those eyes!

Mrs. Aimee came by that afternoon for a visit too.

After nap time, Gigi and Papa Rock brought Lane up to the hospital. He truly loves his little sister!

Lane is giving Bethany Claire lots of sugar!

We celebrated Lane’s birthday early, but I wanted to make sure he had something to open on his birthday. So, we got him several Yo Gabba Gabba dvd’s and a water table. We also got his a couple of bags of M & M’s. For some reason, the boy does not like cake, but he LOVES his M&Ms! Yummy!

Lane playing in Bethany’s car seat.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy! We love you so much!

May 12th

The day after Bethany was born we had several visitors. The first “visitor” pictured below is the wonderful Dr. Brown. I love, love, love her! She delivered both my babies and I think she is the best!

Then, Aunt Sarah, Maggie and Miller came to visit.

Later, that morning Lane came to visit. As you can see, he LOVES his little sister dearly!

a close up of those beautiful eyes!

Kristie (one of Chris’ awesome co-workers) came to visit us….

Along with Jessica

At some point I was nursing Bethany, when Lane came back to the room. He wanted to know where she was…he found her! I thought it was hilarious!

Nana holding baby Bethany

close up of a sweet sleeping baby!

Bethany Claire Allen

Bethany Claire Allen was born May 11, 2010 at 12:18. She was 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 in long! She is absolutely perfect! I had a repeat c-section because she was breached, but I have to say the experience was so different. I was so much more alert afterwards because I did not have to take the wretched medicine Mag. And she was able to spend most of the time in the room with us because she was in great health! What a blessing!!!
This is sweet Bethany during her first bath! Notice the open eyes! Yeah, that’s big. Lane took a couple days before he really open his eyes for any length of time.

Proud Papa showing off his girl!

Lane is eager to meet his new sister.

Look at her nails! She was scratching her little face right away.

Proud daddy again…

Happy Momma!


giving some hugs..

I love my family!! I have the sweetest little boy and the cutest little girl. Such a blessing!

Time for the grandparents to love on the baby…
First up, Nana!


Papa Rock


Aunt Sarah

“Uncle” Matt came by for a visit and dinner with Chris.

Dr. Lane is checking my blood pressure! Sweet boy, takin‘ care of Momma!