Lane’s 1st Haircut – February 23rd

Lane finally got his first haircut in February. He really did not NEED one except for the rat tail that was growing! I decided to take him to the lady that cuts my hair. I was so nervous he would hate the whole experience especially since she was a new person. So, I packed some toys, books, snacks and even his own hairbrush. He really likes brushing his hair! I also brought reinforcements with me – Gigi!
Right before his haircut.

This was actually the chair you wait in, but Lane was so happy sitting here KT just decided to cut his hair here.

Notice he is holding onto his hairbrush and the first comb KT decided to try to use on his hair. After he had those to things he was good to go.

He did GREAT! Not a single tear was shed and no fussing!! He did eat a good many goldfish though!


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