Ode to Tanya

Since Lane was a tiny baby, he has LOVED Tanya Tucker. He has literally been a fan of hers since birth – thanks Papa Rock! 😉 When he was a newborn, there were a couple of times he would cry so hard and we could not figure out what was wrong. After a little while, he would get so hysterical the only way we could calm him down was to blast country music through the house (louder than he was crying). This would calm him almost instantly! I wish I had a video of this because it was insane, but I was too busy trying to calm a baby! Anyway, his love affair with her has only grown deeper.

For Christmas, Chris and I got Lane a MP3 player that came preloaded with kid songs (Itsy, Bitsy spider, etc.), but you also had the option of uploading your own songs too. So, of course we uploaded some country music for our baby boy!
One day, I heard Tanya (Oh, What it did to me is his favorite song) playing in the sun room, so I decided to see what Lane was doing. When I went in, he was lying on the floor on his tummy listening to her and kicking his legs. By the time I got the camera he was starting to get up…He looked like a little teenager laying on his bed rocking out! haha!

A couple days later, Lane turned on Tanya again and then climbed onto his horse. Nothing like good country music while you ride your horse!

When the song gets to the end, he says, “Uh-Uh-Oh!” Here he is trying to get it back to the beginning.

Doesn’t he just need a cowboy hat, a belt, and some little boots! He can’t deny his Texas roots! haha


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