Random March Pictures

Lane playing blocks…

One day we were clearing out everything from the guest bedroom preparing for Bethany, and Lane took off with the keyboard from my old computer. This is where we found him. 😀

One Saturday morning, Lane climbed up into Chris’ lap and dumped the blocks out. He played like this for quite awhile!

Lane’s first face plant! One afternoon, Lane and I were playing with Papa Rock at his house. We were running around the culde-sac and on the sidewalks. Lane was running down the neighbors sidewalk to get Papa Rock when all of a sudden he tripped. His face hit the concrete and bounced! The sound was HORRIBLE! And of course, it was followed by pitiful crying. This picture was taken shortly after the first fall. A couple days later he hit his nose again causing it to bleed. Then, at the end of the week I took him to the Dr. to make sure it was not getting infected. While we were there, Lane was sitting perfectly on his bottom in a chair then fell out and face planted on the hard floor. He tore the ligament thing that connects your lip to your gum! I was so thankful the pediatrician was in the room with me when it happened. There was so much blood, I would have been absolutely hysterical if he had not been there to calm me down and help stop the bleeding!! What a week!

So, what do you do to make a week better? Mall carousel!


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