Lane’s 2nd Birthday Party – April 17th

This year, we had Lane’s party almost a month before his actual birthday. Obviously, I was nervous about waiting to have his party too close to this birthday, because it would also be extremely close to my due date. Lane’s party was a dog theme, or as he says “daaawwwg!” He has such a little country accent when he says dog!
Nana and Aunt Sarah took Lane to feed the ducks while I prepared things for his party.


Lane’s birthday cake

Somehow I did not manage to get a picture of the whole table. However, I got big dog bowls to use as serving dishes.

Lane was not so sure about everyone singing “happy birthday” to him…

He was thrilled with everyone clapping for him though!

opening lots of presents!

After eating hotdogs, cake, etc and opening presents, the party moved outside. It was quite warm outside so we set up two kiddie pools, a water table and a sprinkler. The kids had a blast!

Sweet Mags!

I love Lane’s smile in this pic…

Daddy had a good time playing with the bubbles too!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lane! We love you so much!


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