Jonathan gets married!

The weekend of May 1st, we went to Mobile for Jonathan and Sara’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful! Chris was a groomsman and Lane was the ring bearer. I was so excited to be able to make it to the wedding. I was 36 weeks pregnant and have been praying since I found out that I was pregnant that I would be able to go. I made it! woo hoo! Sadly, I got very few pictures of the actual wedding and the happy couple.
The wedding took place at a historic home in downtown Mobile. Gigi stole some sugar as we waited by the gate to be seated.

Jonathan and Sara’s first dance! I know the picture is dark – that is why they did not hire me to be their photographer! 😉

Jonathan and Mom’s dance!

A good bit of our Houston family was able to make the drive for the wedding. One of my goals for the weekend was to get a picture with Lane with our family. Here is Lane with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jimmy.

My wonderful Grandma!

My cousin Josh – This is where I have to get sappy. By far the worst part about not living near our family is knowing that Lane will not have the memories I have with my cousins! All of my cousins were very close in age and we spent a lot of time together playing. I have countless memories of all of us playing at my Grandma’s house!

My mom and my cousin Alison!

My uncle Billy

My Aunt Dawn

My Memaw and Papaw

Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah
Jonathan and Sara had a band at their wedding. Lane LOVED this! The boy has loved music and dancing since he was born – literally! Well here he is breakin it down.

Oh yeah, he’s feelin‘ this song!

dancing with his Papa Rock

Papa Rock taught Lane how to twist.


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