Jonathan gets married!

The weekend of May 1st, we went to Mobile for Jonathan and Sara’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful! Chris was a groomsman and Lane was the ring bearer. I was so excited to be able to make it to the wedding. I was 36 weeks pregnant and have been praying since I found out that I was pregnant that I would be able to go. I made it! woo hoo! Sadly, I got very few pictures of the actual wedding and the happy couple.
The wedding took place at a historic home in downtown Mobile. Gigi stole some sugar as we waited by the gate to be seated.

Jonathan and Sara’s first dance! I know the picture is dark – that is why they did not hire me to be their photographer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jonathan and Mom’s dance!

A good bit of our Houston family was able to make the drive for the wedding. One of my goals for the weekend was to get a picture with Lane with our family. Here is Lane with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jimmy.

My wonderful Grandma!

My cousin Josh – This is where I have to get sappy. By far the worst part about not living near our family is knowing that Lane will not have the memories I have with my cousins! All of my cousins were very close in age and we spent a lot of time together playing. I have countless memories of all of us playing at my Grandma’s house!

My mom and my cousin Alison!

My uncle Billy

My Aunt Dawn

My Memaw and Papaw

Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah
Jonathan and Sara had a band at their wedding. Lane LOVED this! The boy has loved music and dancing since he was born – literally! Well here he is breakin it down.

Oh yeah, he’s feelin‘ this song!

dancing with his Papa Rock

Papa Rock taught Lane how to twist.


Lane’s 2nd Birthday Party – April 17th

This year, we had Lane’s party almost a month before his actual birthday. Obviously, I was nervous about waiting to have his party too close to this birthday, because it would also be extremely close to my due date. Lane’s party was a dog theme, or as he says “daaawwwg!” He has such a little country accent when he says dog!
Nana and Aunt Sarah took Lane to feed the ducks while I prepared things for his party.


Lane’s birthday cake

Somehow I did not manage to get a picture of the whole table. However, I got big dog bowls to use as serving dishes.

Lane was not so sure about everyone singing “happy birthday” to him…

He was thrilled with everyone clapping for him though!

opening lots of presents!

After eating hotdogs, cake, etc and opening presents, the party moved outside. It was quite warm outside so we set up two kiddie pools, a water table and a sprinkler. The kids had a blast!

Sweet Mags!

I love Lane’s smile in this pic…

Daddy had a good time playing with the bubbles too!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lane! We love you so much!

At the carwash!

At the beginning of April, the pollen in Birmingham was ridiculous! I decided to take my car through a car wash. I wasn’t sure if Lane had ever been with me through a car wash, so I decided to take pictures.

He looked a bit nervous as the brush thing started up…

but that QUICKLY went away! He LOVED the car wash!


Easter 2010

Easter week was a crazy week! Our water heater started leaking so we ended up spending several nights at GiGi and Papa Rock. Easter morning Lane woke up at Gigi and Papa Rock’s house and found a surprise from the Easter bunny! The first thing he ran to was Brobie, a little green monster from Yo Gabba Gabba! (sorry the pics are so blurry. I took them with my phone, and he is a quick little fella!)
Elmo Easter eggs!
Gigi showed Lane how his Brobie toy worked – PURE EXCITEMENT!
Gigi and Papa Rock bought him a HUGE Easter bunny!

The Elmo eggs have

The traditional Easter bunny cake. I don’t remember an Easter in my life without this cake. A few adjustments were made this year, mainly the use of m&m’s. I thought maybe Lane might try some cake if it had his favorite candy, but no! Seriously, what child does not like cake??
Lane absolutely LOVED hunting Easter eggs!! We hid and found eggs at least 3 times that afternoon. Then that evening after we put all the Easter eggs in a Ziploc bag, he opened the bag and scattered them around Gigi’s living room. He wanted to hide eggs again!

Gigi bought a case of confetti eggs. Lane did not think it was very funny when she cracked one over his head!

Some of the eggs had quarters! ๐Ÿ˜€
Lane liked the confetti eggs much better once he realized how to crack them!
Watch out Gigi!!


Later that afternoon, Lane took time to stop and smell the flowers!

Random March Pictures

Lane playing blocks…

One day we were clearing out everything from the guest bedroom preparing for Bethany, and Lane took off with the keyboard from my old computer. This is where we found him. ๐Ÿ˜€

One Saturday morning, Lane climbed up into Chris’ lap and dumped the blocks out. He played like this for quite awhile!

Lane’s first face plant! One afternoon, Lane and I were playing with Papa Rock at his house. We were running around the culde-sac and on the sidewalks. Lane was running down the neighbors sidewalk to get Papa Rock when all of a sudden he tripped. His face hit the concrete and bounced! The sound was HORRIBLE! And of course, it was followed by pitiful crying. This picture was taken shortly after the first fall. A couple days later he hit his nose again causing it to bleed. Then, at the end of the week I took him to the Dr. to make sure it was not getting infected. While we were there, Lane was sitting perfectly on his bottom in a chair then fell out and face planted on the hard floor. He tore the ligament thing that connects your lip to your gum! I was so thankful the pediatrician was in the room with me when it happened. There was so much blood, I would have been absolutely hysterical if he had not been there to calm me down and help stop the bleeding!! What a week!

So, what do you do to make a week better? Mall carousel!

Easter Surprise

One day, Lane received an Easter Surprise in the mail from Memaw and Papaw. He opened up the box and found a camo truck Easter basket filled with a ziplock bag of duck food (cheerios)!

I don’t think he understood it was an Easter basket, but he had a blast driving it around the house!

He really wanted to go feed the ducks!!

Thanks Memaw and Papaw for the surprise!!

Chris’ 5K – March 6, 2010

On March 6th, Chris ran his first 5k. It was in Trussville benefiting the YMCA. This is pre-race – all pumped up!

Chris and Jessica Space, an awesome girl he works with at UAB. They ran together.

Daddy and Lane pre-race. As you can see, Lane was not thrilled to by up so early and it was cold!

Chris and Space were somewhere in the crowd!

Gigi and Papa Rock showed up to support Chris too! Lane was excited to see his Papa Rock!

Finishing the 5K! WOO HOO!!

Finished and still smiling! ๐Ÿ˜€

cold baby + tired baby = FUSSY BABY!!!

shortly after leaving the race…