Bethany Claire at 14 months!


– will eat anything in sight that won’t eat her – except peas. Peas were the only baby food she tried and hated. She hates the real thing just as much. She loves sweet tea, m&ms, bananas, raisins, apples, pancakes, and pastas.

-started really walking just before she turned 14 months old.
-is climbing everything – tables, couches, toy boxes.

– LOVES to play peek-a-boo.
– LOVES playing in water. When she is taking a bath or playing a pool, she frequently puts her whole face under water. IF the bathroom door is left open, she can and will climb into the tub. – SCARY!
– loves Lane. Her whole face lights up when he plays with her. She will hunt him down and follow him anywhere he wants to go.
-can say Mama, Bubba, Dada, and Gigi.
-can give a high five and wave
-loves to dance (especially with Papa Rock)
-waves bye-bye to her tray when she is done eating.
-is a wonderful, funny happy little girl, but she is also VERY dramatic! 🙂
-loves playing with girly things like dolls, but also plays with Lane’s cars and bouncy balls too.


A year, really?

Yep, it has been OVER a year since I have touched this blog. Yikes!

Last week at small group several of the girls talked about our blogs. (They actually blog on their blogs.) My problem is not that I don’t have the time to blog. I have time to facebook, so I have time to blog.

I tend to over-edit, over analyze and then delete posts. I stare at the screen until I think “this is junk!”….So, I’m going to try to take their advise and not edit.

Let’s face it, I can not NOT edit, but I can edit less. Publish more.