Whew! What a day! It started off as a normal, lazy Saturday. Lane woke up wanting Gigi to come over and play with him in his room. So, Gigi came over a little before lunch. The kids both had a dollar they were wanting to spend at the dollar tree. So, we took off and the kids picked out their new treat. Lane chose train bank that he can paint and Bethany chose a bubble set. Then we decided to grab lunch before heading back home for nap.

When we got home, I unbuckled Bethany and sent her in the house while I finished grabbing my purse. Then, just seconds later I heard it. You know, the cry of death. I ran in to find Bethany screaming her head off with blood all over her chin and literally dripping on the floor. So gross. So I quickly grabbed a towel to try to find the cut and it looked bad. Mom and I debated on whether she needed stitches. I was thinking she needed them but since I was unsure we headed down to our awesome fire department down the street.

Bethany was a champ. She squished up her eyes but sat perfectly still and let the fireman wipe off her boo boo some more. He said she needed stitches. So he taped up her chin, gave the kids some fireman hats and sent us on our way.

Then, we went to Children’s off Acton Road. Again, she did amazing. She never cried and did everything each nurse and doctor asked her to do. I was SO PROUD! She sat still and never flinched while the doctor did 5 stitches.


So, needless to say when we left we went straight to get baby girl a milkshake and a big glass of sweet tea. As soon as we got home, she ran straight to her trampoline! These stitches are not slowing her down a bit! Anyone have a bubble I can borrow to put her in? My goal for the next 5-7 days is just to keep her from bumping those stitches. Wish me luck!



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