Bethany Claire

Bethany Claire is a wild, full-throttle, energetic, sassy, caring, fearless, stubborn, smart, silly, talkative, imaginative, dramatic, but oh so lovable 2 year old BABY girl. Unlike her brother, she still very much wants to be called a baby!

She sings ALL day EVERY day! She is a lyrical database. She sings all the cartoon theme songs, her ABC’s, numbers, nursery rhymes, church songs and she makes up her own songs. Last night she was singing her boot and shoe song. One day she was mad because I told her no, so she sang “no,no, no!” to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star. Have I mentioned she’s a little dramatic?

She also pretends more than Lane ever thought about at this age. (I love watching the difference between little boys and girls!) She loves to have tea parties and “pic-a-nics”. She loves to plays with her Dora and peppa pig play houses. Yesterday, Doc McStuffins was a fireman. (Doc is a very handy girl to keep around!)

Her favorite cartoons are Peppa Pig, Team Umizoomi, Barney Goes to the zoo, Curious George and any of the LeapFrog DVDs (letter factory, numberland, phonics farm – If your kids haven’t seen them, go get them! They are great!)

She talks. Oh, does she talk. A couple of weeks ago she went from talking to really talking. From saying “Wanna go bye bye” to “Mommy, can we please go bye bye now.” All of a sudden she grew up. It’s crazy how overnight they can change!

She is so smart. She knows all her letters and letter sounds. She can count to 20 – she calls fifteen five-teen. 🙂 She has recently fallen in love with me reading books to her. Froggy is her favorite series.


She is so ready to go to school. Every day when we drop Lane off, she cries and says “But it’s MY TURN!!” Then I remind her she has to tee-tee in the potty to go to school. Which speaking of potty training, home girl doesn’t want to wear panties. She will go to the potty, but then wants her diaper back. Any thoughts on that one?? And she doesn’t care that big girls wear panties, remember she’s the BABY.

She is very girlie and very opinionated about what she is going to wear especially her shoes! However, she easily goes from girlie activities to playing cars, trains and superheroes with Lane.

She is completely fearless and so strong, Chris and I think she is going to be a gymnast. She is constantly going between the table and couch and pushing up with her arms and swinging her legs. She loves to do front rolls in her room or hang/swing on the monkey bars at Spain Park. Anytime she finds something to run on like a balance beam, she is all over it. As soon as she turns 3 we will hopefully get her enrolled. I promise not to go all dance mom on her, but man I love watching gymnastic competitions! Gymnastic and swimming are definitely my two favorite sports to watch.

Overall, she keeps us on our toes but she brings so much joy into our lives!


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