Dollar Tree fun

About two weeks ago, Memaw and Pawpaw sent Lane and Bethany a card in the mail with $10 each to spend at Dollar Tree. 10 DOLLARS! That like $100 in their world! Needless to say they had a BLAST picking out 10 things each at the store.


We had to do a little persuading with Bethany. At on point she had a rather large planter in her basket. Haha!

Look how focused Lane was checking out. This is such serious business!

We came home and immediately spread everything out! Lane picked out some very neat things! He ended up with a butterfly net, silly string, silly glasses with a mustache, water balloons, a paintable piggybank, 3 decks of cards, a giant bubble want, prank toothpaste, grow-an-animal tablets, and a hula hoop!

Have you tried lately to take a picture of a 2 year old???

“B look at me and smile”
“B look at me though!”
“B, where’s mommy?”
Haha, finally got her looking at me!

She ended up with a lot of fun things too! She got a Blues Clues books, butterfly net, ball, giant bubble wand, clappy hand thing, Hot Air Balloon stain glass paint thing, 3 decks of cards, and 3 giant books of stickers! She wasted no time on playing with the stickers!
Lane and Chris enjoyed the silly glasses. Then we went outside to play with the silly string and bubbles!
Thank you so much Memaw and Papaw! They loved the receiving their very own mail and picking out 10 prizes! Wish you were here to play with us! We love you both!

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