Kid’s Crafts

Lane and Bethany LOVE crafting and painting. I thought I would share three crafts I found on pinterest that they have done and loved!

The first pinterest craft we did was this canvas for Lane’s room. I got the idea a couple of years ago from Attack of the twins It was too easy! I already had a spare canvas. We did not have finger paint so we just used normal paint and paintbrushes.

Around Valentines Day, we tried this project. (The pin didn’t go to a blog so I can’t give credit to anyone.) But I found ice cube trays in the dollar section at target that were perfect for this project!
We have A TON of crayons at our house, so I gathered up all the broken crayons and Lane and I placed them in the ice cube trays. Bake the crayons at 230 degrees for 15 minutes.


Lane was not a fan of making multi-color crayons like the picture. So he sorted the crayons by color. After making these we learned that the crayola brand crayons worked great. The off brand crayons were horrible! So, don’t use the cheapy crayons. Notice on the picture below some of the crayons look two-toned. The lighter half of the crayons (the off brand) don’t work.

Finally, my very favorite pinterest craft project! This idea came from Alphamom and it was too neat not to try! Basically grab some sandpaper and color away. Then flip the sandpaper over onto a white t-shirt, iron, and voila your drawing transfers to the t-shirt! SO. MUCH. FUN! We did this project with Lane’s 4k class during one of their holiday parties. Make sure to tell your kids color very very heavy or just go over your kids drawing when they are finished! And tell your kids NOT to sign their name on the sandpaper, because when you iron it on the shirt their name will be backwards!


2 thoughts on “Kid’s Crafts

    • Hi! when you are done ironing on the image, grab some paper towels. Lay the paper towels over the image and iron. It will soak up any extra crayon. I don’t remember very much coming off onto the paper towel – just a little. Then toss it into the dryer for about 20 minutes to set the color. Wash it by itself the first time. The colors on my daughters shirt look great a year later and we haven’t had it bleed at all!

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