The sandbox

Lane and Bethany love to garden and help me in the yard. This is fantastic in early spring when I am planting flowers, however for the rest of the year they are constantly asking to dig. I’ve found Lane trying to dig up my grass, flowers, pine straw, anything that will stay still long enough. So, I knew I wanted to get them “a diggin’ place” for their birthday. Our homeowners association is on the ridiculous side, so I knew the green turtle would cause numerous letters about property value plummeting so I turned to pinterest to find a more aesthetically pleasing sandbox.

I found several really neat ideas:

Playhouse Sandbox  
But, when I saw this idea I knew it was perfect for our space! I loved that it folded close to keep bugs or cats out – no neighborhood litter box! And I loved the bench since I  knew they would want me in the sandbox with them.

Once again, Chris did an amazing job making something for the kids! We ended up making it larger than the plans. Ours is 6×6 so that several kids could play at once – I honestly can’t imagine it much smaller at all!

Chris tried for a while to make it with out the kids seeing it at all, but that proved to be more difficult than we thought  especially since Lane loved building things! So, eventually Chris let Lane help. Lane had a blast!


We ended up giving the kids the sandbox after Lane’s 4k graduation (the day before their birthday party).It was pouring but as soon as the rain slacked off some we took them out. They were so excited! Bethany continued to play even after the rain started back!


They have played with it almost daily since their party. We often pretend we are at the beach!



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