Summer Bucket List

On one of the last day’s of preschool, Lane brought home the cutest little bucket list with 3 things he wanted to do over the summer. It was so cute and he was ALL about the list! I saw several cute bucket list type things on pinterest and decided we would make a BIG bucket list. The kids helped me come up with a lot of the items, so if it seems like something so small or slightly repetitive, it was probable VERY important to a certain little one. Some are life skills that need to be learned or character traits I want to help develop. Some of the items are pinterest projects that I’ve been meaning to try out one day. I figured if I put it on the list, Lane would not let me forget to try it!

So, after we compiled our list, I broke out the poster board. We are adding star stickers in the boxes after we complete the items. Lane clearly does not understand how long summer break last because he kept asking if we could do the bucket list (all 101 things) that day. I’ve had to explain and explain that we will try to do at least one thing a day.

So here’s our list in no particular order:
  1.  zoo
  2. swim lessons
  3. ride bikes
  4. play-doh
  5. beach
  6. Maggie and Miller
  7. glowstick bath
  8. $5 at dollar tree – Memaw and Papaw started something 😉
  9. facepaint
  10. treasure hunt
  11. Splash Pad
  12. swim
  13. potato stamps
  14. read
  15. Gigi and Bo’s house
  16. Legos
  17. do something nice for a stranger
  18. rollerskate
  19. play in the rain
  20. scavenger hunt
  21. McWane
  22. slip n’slide
  23. feed the ducks
  24. popcorn party
  25. start a worm collection
  26. Mexican Grill
  27. make crayons
  28. make a band
  29. tea party
  30. library storytime
  31. bubbles
  32. farmer’s market
  33. go fishing
  34. mommy date – (each child gets alone time with me)
  35. daddy date – (each child gets alone time with Chris)
  36. fly kites
  37. Oak Mountain Park
  38. chalk
  39. watercolor
  40. write and mail a letter
  41. waterguns
  42. Aldridge Gardens
  43. water balloons
  44. blanket fort
  45. paperbag puppets
  46. board games
  47. do something nice for a neighbor
  48. hopscotch
  49. paper airplanes
  50. play dress up
  51. make a stepping stone
  52. picnic
  53. movie night
  54. walk around the lake
  55. host a playdate
  56. fireworks
  57. cereal necklace
  58. use garden tools
  59. hide and seek
  60. watch an outdoor movie
  61. bowling
  62. road trip
  63. make lollipops
  64. learn to fold towels
  65. Veteran’s park
  66. pick fruit
  67. take cookies and cards to the firemen (the kids have become very interested in the firemen since that time we had to run down to the firestation to see if Bethany needed stitches. Now the kids understand they are heroes, just wait till they understand what they really do everyday! Woah!!)
  68. sprinkler
  69. handprint pillowcase
  70. make popsicles
  71. play computer games
  72. bouncy castles
  73. learn a new song
  74. Chick-fil-a playground
  75. ride a carousel
  76. A Play Place
  77. Texas
  78. paint
  79. find a NEW playground
  80. card games
  81. learn 3 Bible verses
  82. make a fieldtrip
  83. swim at night
  84. Movies
  85. Nana and Bo’s house
  86. make icecream
  87. put on a play
  88. sticker albulm
  89. bake cookies
  90. “bike”wash
  91. Try a new food
After making the list, we thought of a couple more things that would be fun to do if we have time.
What are your summer plans? I’d love to hear any other places to go, crafts to make, or games to play! The busier we stay, the less time they have to bicker 😀

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