the laid-back boy and the toddler supermodel

Today was Lane’s 5 year check-up and Bethany’s 3 year check-up. (yes, I realize it’s over a month after their actual birthday but better late than never, right?) Lane did everything first today since he’s the big kid. He did his weight, height, blood pressure, vision and hearing screening like a champ. Then gladly chose his stickers.


…and then it was Bethany’s turn. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this but she HATES getting on the scales at the doctor. There is weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth. Oh the drama. I finally took her to the bathroom and after a little “conversation” she managed to hop on the scale for a second. The height measurement went about the same. After moments like that I like to remind myself of her sweet giggles.


Lane is 3ft 6 in (45%) and 37 1/2 lbs (25%). This is right on track for him. Bethany is 3 ft 3 1/2 inches (95%) and 29 lbs (25%). Homegirl is very tall and skinny, my little toddler supermodel 🙂

Overall they had a great checkup. The only red flag that went up was Bethany’s tonsils. She apparently inherited my very large tonsils. Dr. A said not to be surprised if we need to take them out next summer.

Here are a couple of recent quotes/moments with the kids:

Bethany stared at me for a while then said : What is it?
– a freckle
b: (gasp!) Can I touch it!?

Bethany has been obsessed with doctors for awhile. This weekend she kept running around the house yelling “I need a heartbeat! I con’t (said with an English accent) find it!” (translation: I need my stethoscope)

She has suddenly become VERY interested in princesses. She and Lane have started playing princess and prince and they go to the ball in her room and dance. Somehow I’m not sure their dancing is the same as Cinderella’s. (I’ll try to sneak a video of this. So precious!)

Lane talks non-stop about being a grown up now because he has flip-flops without the back strap. He has also started getting his jammies on and telling us good night if he is tired before bedtime. So grown. 🙂


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