The beach has long been my favorite place in the world. There is a beauty and majesty that leaves me in awe. It’s impossible for me to stand on the shore of an ocean and not be overwhelmed with how big our God is yet he still knows me intimately and loves me deeply.

This morning I’m up watching wave after wave crash on the shore and I am so overwhelmed by the love of God. A love that I’ve known for almost 20 years. But every now and then I experience it in a new way, a deeper way.
I’ve realized how similar my relationship with God is to this huge ocean.  I imagine sitting in the water and with each wave that crashes over me The Lord is teaching me something new about His character, His love or His passions. Sometimes he’s teaching me the same lesson but taking me a bit deeper. Because just like this great ocean, if I was instantly dropped out in the middle or immediately saw the full glory of The Lord I know that I couldn’t handle it. I would be fully consumed by His goodness and holiness. So I wait and press in and eagerly anticipate the next wave the Lord sends over me.

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