Called me higher

Music has always played a huge role in my life. I may not know the name of any song or of most artists but I can tell you the songs that meant the most to me during each season in my life. It’s as if the artist knew my very thoughts and emotions but expressed them in a much more beautiful way than I could have ever imagined.

With that in mind, I love to play worship music while I pray. Small groups launch this weekend (have you found yours?) so I have been praying over all the groups, and over each girl’s name that I know is coming to my group. I noticed that I turn my playlist on but seem to only let one song play.

Called me higher by All Sons and Daughters

As the song played I realized that usually what we think is the easiest thing to do turns out to be the hardest and the hardest thing usually turns out to be the easiest.

In the church, it seems that the easiest thing to do is to show up on Sunday starched and polished, smiling and talking about how very blessed we are. I can easily give the impression on social media that my life is perfect, my kids never misbehave – everything is wonderful all the time. But see that is really the hardest thing. It’s hard to keep up appearance and never let anyone into our real world. Wearing masks is exhausting.

On the other hand letting out walls down seems to be difficult, if not impossible. But I’ve learned that when I take the chance and develop relationships and finally let down my guard and share what I’ve struggled or am struggling with I’m usually met with an amazing response: I’ve been there. Or we are dealing with that right now too!

What?? You mean I’m NOT the only one with issues??

My pastor often says all God’s children have issues and if you don’t think you have issues, then THAT is your issue. Haha

But truthfully satan wants nothing more than for us to live life isolated because then we will buy into his lies. I love 2 Corinthians  1:3-4. Here’s my version of it: So you’ve got issues (sin, addictions, pain, disappointments) come to God, Let him heal you and restore you so that you can walk it out with your friend, co-worker, or neighbor struggling with the same junk. But see the hard part about that is that two people have to take their masks down and show their wounds. So this semester, be brave. be real. step out of your comfort zone and watch what the Lord will do. I’m excited and expectant because…

You have called us higher
You have called us deeper
And we’ll go where You will lead us Lord


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