Every. Single. Day last year, I would drop Lane off at preschool and Bethany would cry “It’s my turn!” Baby girl waited (somewhat) patiently and finally last week she got her turn! Bethany started school the Wednesday after Labor Day. She woke up so excited! Her backpack and lunch box were ready, clothes ironed perfectly and she even sat like an angel and took first day of preschool pictures!

20130913-201118.jpgย 20130913-201130.jpg

So excited!

It was almost the perfect morning. Look closely at the precious little dress she is wearing – cute, right? My mom gave Bethany that dress for Easter or her birthday. She has HATED that dress since the moment she laid eyes on it. Hated. Trust me when I say I am not exaggerating AT ALL. Every time I have tried to get her to wear that dress, she has turned into a crazy Hulk Hogan wanna-be and tried to literally tear it off her body. But the dress has remained strategically in her closet.

If you have a daughter, you know the joys of getting them dress. You iron the 5 million ruffles and then they try to refuse to wear the dress. So, being the gracious mother that I am, every time I pick out something for her to wear that she refuses I give her two clothing options: 1. the dress I picked out and iron 2. that flamingo dress. EVERY single time she choose the dress I picked out. Everyone’s happy. Off we go.

Well, that morning she threw a fit over the dress I picked out. So, I gave her the two options and she actually chose the flamingo dress. She loved it and told everyone it was her zoo dress! Haha. What a stinker! So, thanks Gigi for the first day of school outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚


Baby girlย got to school and had an amazing day. She came home talking about her new friend Audrey. For over a week that was the only friend she mentioned. Finally this week she has started talking about another friend at school, Benjamin. Her teachers are Mrs. Mindy (or as B says – Mrs. Minnie) and Mrs Holly (Mrs. HoYee). She loves them. School and the end of naptime are really wearing her out though!


She also started gymnastics this week and loved it. Well, as long as you don’t actually call it gymnastics. She is very adamant that she does NOT want to do gymnastics. She does want to flip, swing, roll and walk on a balance beam. Oh the drama.

When she is not being dramatic, she can do some of the sweetest, most precious things. Here is a video of her singing a song she learned in Spanish class at preschool.

Here is a video of her “reading” her Jesus Storybook Bible in carpool.

…and finally here is a video of her saying Psalm 4:8 (We say this verse before bedtime most nights)

Her teacher’s described her well: “Smart as a whip and such a ham!” Right now she is obsessed with Cinderella and Paw Patrol. She daily asks if she can be either Cinderella, Doc McStuffins, or Skye (the pilot on Paw Patrol). A Princess, A doctor and a Pilot.

20130913-201056.jpgย  20130913-201048.jpg

That is my girl: glitter and adventure. Pink nail polish and dirt. Beautiful and fearless. Pure happiness.


Friday Five

It’s Friday!! It’s the first Friday after school started which means my brain is scattered in many different directions – several if which I thought I’d share with you.

1. Bethany has developed a HUGE fear of toilets that flush automatically. So, my new mom role is to get her on and off the potty while standing just right so that it does not flush until I can get her out of the stall. I wish I could video this process but that would just be highly inappropriate. If I fail to get her out before it flushes, one might think someone was chasing her with a chain saw. It’s pitiful. Anyway I have developed a particularly unique skill over the past 2 weeks. Whenever I rejoin the workforce, I may even add that to my resume. Automatic toilet flushing preventer. Very impressive.

2. On a completely different note, my friends Catherine shared on her blog a couple weeks ago some ABC scripture cards she made for her kids. I love, love, love these! She got the idea here, but her cards have some shorter verses perfect for little ones. I am just now printing these out. Bethany especially loves learning verses and soaks it up like a sponge! Up until this point our scripture learning has been at best random. I’m excited to have some sort of plan to start. So, go check out this free resource if you’re interested.

3. Are you one Pinterest? I obviously am. Somehow I stumbled across this board My imaginary well dressed toddler daughter. It cracks me up.

20130823-155418.jpgย 20130823-155428.jpg 20130823-155434.jpg

4. Lane started soccer practice this week. It was hilarious and awkward.


We have some work to do this season. Our two focuses: personal space (he met the coach and within minutes was literally hanging on the mans leg. Not sure coach Billy knew what to think about all that love!) and follow the ball. Bless his heart. The coach would say “go to the goal!” And he would but not with the ball. But boy was IN THE GOAL. Maybe I need to let coach know my child takes everything literal.


5. Small groups launch this week and I’m so excited I can’t stand it! Small group launch is like Christmas to me because every semester I meet new friends and make new relationship that push me closer to Christ and challenge me like never before. I get excited because I know it’s somebody’s first small group semester and their life is about to change in ways they were not expecting! So, if you go to highlands register your group or join one!! Your life will never be the same. If you don’t go to highlands, do whatever your church does. Join a Sunday school class, a cell group, a Bible study – get in relationship!! You won’t regret it!

Bethany lately

Bethany, I am loving you at this age and there is so much that you do daily that I never want to forget. Since I can’t video your every move, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things right now.

You love some British sayings. Perhaps we watch too much Peppa Pig?

Instead of saying ready, set, go! You and Lane both actually, say ready, steady go!

You never say the word “can’t.” It’s always “con’t.”

A couple of weeks ago, you were looking for some panties I set out. You had a hard time finding them, so when I showed you where I put them you said, “you cheeky little panties!” You have started using the phrase “you cheeky little …” quiet often. It cracks me up!

The other day Chris and I took you to the playground. You asked to play on the “climbing frame”. It took me forever to understand what you were saying and even then I didn’t get it. Then Chris translated it for me: monkey bars! ๐Ÿ™‚


You sings ALL DAY LONG. Literally. This months songs of choice are B-I-N-G-O and The B-I-B-L-E. Sometimes you forget which song you are singing at the moment and blend the two.

You REFUSE to admit you have red hair. It actually makes you mad if I say you do. You will quickly tell me “NO, I have bown hair!”

You have started noticing words on signs, in books or trucks driving down the interstate. I’m not sure if you are actually reading a couple of words or if you have just fully grasped environmental print but you have “read” several words lately. The two coming to my mind right now are beach and school.

Speaking of, you are so ready for school to start. You are convinced school will be playtime, snack and bath time. I hope you still love school after you realize there is no bath time.

21 questions with Bethany

Today I asked Bethany the same 21 questions I asked Lane. Her answers cracked me up. Some were exactly what I thought she would say. Others were SO random!

What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite t.v. show?
 Doc McStuffins
(I thought she would have said Peppa Pig)
    What is your favorite Movie?
     Leap Frog
    What is your favorite toy?
    (Maybe she means picnic? I’m not completely sure. I thought she would have said her doctor kit, trains or Dora house)
What is your favorite game?
(Again, random. I thought she would have said Hide & Seek or Pop the Pig)

What is your favorite animal?

What is your favorite song?
 The Mommy Song
(random, but she makes up a new song everyday and today it’s the mommy song)
What is your favorite book?
Peppa Pig
What is your favorite food?
(Really it would be strawberries, any kind of rice, cereal, honey and chips)
What is your favorite holiday?
(I guess every Sunday is a holiday at Highlands? ๐Ÿ™‚ )
What is your favorite sport or activity?
gymnastic ๐Ÿ™‚
(we’ve been talking about starting gymnastics when school starts)
Where is your favorite place go?
What is your favorite thing to wear?
red shirt
(I thought she would have said boots or sparkly shoes)
Who is your best friend?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
a doctor


What makes you happy?
What makes you scared?
What makes you sad?
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy?
train tracks
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
play blocks
What is your favorite thing to do with Lane?
go to the zoo


the laid-back boy and the toddler supermodel

Today was Lane’s 5 year check-up and Bethany’s 3 year check-up. (yes, I realize it’s over a month after their actual birthday but better late than never, right?) Lane did everything first today since he’s the big kid. He did his weight, height, blood pressure, vision and hearing screening like a champ. Then gladly chose his stickers.


…and then it was Bethany’s turn. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this but she HATES getting on the scales at the doctor. There is weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth. Oh the drama. I finally took her to the bathroom and after a little “conversation” she managed to hop on the scale for a second. The height measurement went about the same. After moments like that I like to remind myself of her sweet giggles.


Lane is 3ft 6 in (45%) and 37 1/2 lbs (25%). This is right on track for him. Bethany is 3 ft 3 1/2 inches (95%) and 29 lbs (25%). Homegirl is very tall and skinny, my little toddler supermodel ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall they had a great checkup. The only red flag that went up was Bethany’s tonsils. She apparently inherited my very large tonsils. Dr. A said not to be surprised if we need to take them out next summer.

Here are a couple of recent quotes/moments with the kids:

Bethany stared at me for a while then said : What is it?
– a freckle
b: (gasp!) Can I touch it!?

Bethany has been obsessed with doctors for awhile. This weekend she kept running around the house yelling “I need a heartbeat! I con’t (said with an English accent) find it!” (translation: I need my stethoscope)

She has suddenly become VERY interested in princesses. She and Lane have started playing princess and prince and they go to the ball in her room and dance. Somehow I’m not sure their dancing is the same as Cinderella’s. (I’ll try to sneak a video of this. So precious!)

Lane talks non-stop about being a grown up now because he has flip-flops without the back strap. He has also started getting his jammies on and telling us good night if he is tired before bedtime. So grown. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bethany’s Birthday

I love Birthdays! I love letting those I love know how special they are to me and how grateful I am that they were born! So obviously, the kids birthdays are a big deal around here. The whole day centers around them and whatever they want to do!

On Bethany’s birthday, when she woke up we all went in to her room wishing her a Happy Birthday! She was SO excited! I taped a number 3 out of balloons onto her door. (Last year I did that really cute pinterest idea of filling the kids bedroom with balloons while they were asleep. They LOVED it but it also started our day at about 4 am. I’m waiting a couple more years till I try that on again)


Then Bethany ran to the table, where a bunch of little gifts were waiting on her. Her presents were all wrapped in Hello Kitty. I think she loved they paper as much or more than the actual gifts. Even now, almost 2 weeks after her actual birthday, she still says she got Kitty for her birthday.




Then, we had a special birthday breakfast. She had a cinnamon roll with a candle so we could sing Happy Birthday. She SPAZZED out! The entire time we sang she cried and yelled No NO NO! It was only after the song that I realized she was scared of the flame on the candle. Oops!

After breakfast, we opened some of her new toys and played for a bit. Then we asked what she wanted to do for her birthday. THE ZOO!!! So we quickly got ready to go and invited Gigi to come along.


We had so much fun at the zoo! She led the way around. We saw the elephants and played on the playground. Then we found someone doing face paint! Lane wanted an Elephant and Bethany wanted an Alabama “A”.

                                                                               Roll Tide.

We continued looking at the animals. We made it to the giraffes at feeding time. Lane and Bethany had a blast feeding the giraffes.



After the giraffes, we walked around the corner and found camel rides!


Bethany loved the camel ride so much she asked to pet the camel afterwards!

We continued on and had the best time watching all the animals. They were all so active since it was close to feeding time. We watched a zoo keeper hide several fish in one exhibit. Then she released the cats. It was so neat watching the cats “hunt” for the fish!

We finally ended up at the children’s area. We did the new DINO exhibit first. Lane loved it!


Bethany was a little scared! Chris ended up having to hold her and sneak by all the dinos. Every time they would get close to a new dinosaur she would whisper in his ear “shhh. quiet!” So funny!

Thankfully, Bethany warmed up to the dinosaurs by the end!

Then we moved on the carousel. She rode 5 times in a row.


She only got off because we wanted to try to catch the zoo train. We hustled over to the train and made it just in time for the last ride of the day!

On our walk back to the front of the zoo, we found the photo booth. The kids wanted to take a picture so we took on set with family pictures and one set with Gigi and the kids. I love how they turned out!


About that point a rather large man with a growly voice came by to make sure we knew the zoo was closing. Yes sir!

When we got back to the car, it was time for Bethany to decide what she wanted for dinner. Mexican!

So we eat then went home after a fun-filled day. It was a perfect way to celebrate B!

B turns three!

Happy Birthday Bethany Claire!

Three years ago, you came into our family and brought more joy and laughter than we ever could have imagined. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who loved life as much as you do! You are always going full blast. Everything you do is all or nothing.


 Three years ago, your daddy and I marveled at all the little things about you – your long eyelashes and nails (Lane was born so early he didn’t have these! We didn’t know babies could be born already needing a manicure. I knew you were my girly girl right then!)

You are so smart. You amaze me daily. You know your letters, letter sounds, numbers to 20 and depending on your mood you can count even higher. ๐Ÿ™‚ You have really become interested in reading books – The Froggy series is your favorite right now. You also love reading baby Elmo books and your “Jesus loves me book” (The Jesus Storybook Bible) You are starting to try to spell/read. You can spell Bethany, Lane, zoo, and cat. The other night while we were taking a bath you decided to spell tepee for some reason. You did a great job sounding it out!! You have learned to read some words. I was writing a letter the other day and you came up and started pointing to several words – I remember you saying “that says So, right mommy?”

You are stubborn. Oh my word, are you stubborn. I both love and hate this depending on the day. haha. The past month though, I have LOVED this. Whenever you decide something will be done (or won’t), you stick to your guns.  Right before Easter, we were putting you down for bed on night and you said you didn’t want your paci. I really didn’t believe you so I tried to put your paci in your bed so you would find it if you needed it in the night. Oh that made you mad! You grabbed the pacis, threw them out of your bed and screamed “I DON’T WANT MY PACI’S!!” And you haven’t touched one since.

This week, you potty trained yourself. I tried potty training you several months ago and you did great, but you did NOT want to wear panties – only diapers! Then Tuesday you woke up from nap completely naked asking to go potty. So, we went. Then, you asked for panties. You went the rest of the day without even having one accident! And you’ve pretty much continued on the rest of the week! I’m not sure who is more proud of you – us or you!

You want to go to school SO BADLY! Everyday when we drop Lane off you start crying and saying “but it’s my turn!” We already signed you up for 3k next year. We’ve been telling you for months that in order to go to school you had to be 3 and you had to tee tee in the potty. Diapers don’t go to school. We were hoping that would encourage you to start going potty. Well, last night we were telling you today was your birthday, then we asked how old you were going to be. You whole face lit up and you exclaimed “3!! I gonna be 3! and I tee tee in the potty! I gonna GO TO SCHOOL!!!!” Right then is where I wanted to crawl into a hole. The we had to have a long talk about summer vacation and all the fun we were going to do. It helped when I mentioned that Lane would not be at school and neither would Maggie or Miller. Then in the fall everyone will go back to school. I fear Lane’s last 4 days of school are going to be long. But at least you are so excited to go to school.

You love painting, chalking, bubbles, really anything artsy or outdoors! You love gathering pricklies (sweet gumballs) and giving them to mommy and daddy!



You love dogs but rarely want to get close enough to pet one. You play doctor every single day. You sing all day every day too! Sometimes you sing classic songs like Twinkle Twinkle. Sometimes you sing songs from cartoons like Doc McStuffin’s theme song. Sometime you sing church songs and sometimes you make up your own songs.
I love the way you say so many different things.
You say “I’m walkin’ on myself!”              translation: I’m walking on tip-toes.
You say:”a little minute”                            translation: a little bit + just a minute
You say: “There’s a bone in there!”            translation: I was choking
You  like to wear your busters.                  aka your slippers
You call polka dots “bubbles”
You call french fries “chicken fries”
You make me laugh daily. Someone mentioned the old country song “..she’s a wild one with an angel face.” and it brought a smile to my face just thinking about you. You are wild but you are sweet and precious. You snuggle like no one else. You give the best hugs. You love your brother and try to do everything he does.
This could go on all day long. You are unique – a rare gem and I am so thankful God gave you to us! You have my heart baby girl. I am so honored to be your momma. I love you!