Random iphone pics

I decided today was a great day to get a bunch of pictures off my phone. So here goes a very random post!

Lane almost never falls asleep in his bed. I’ve found him in some interesting and very uncomfortable positions lately.

Lane goes to preschool at a local Baptist church. They always do such a great job hosting fun events for the kids during holidays. This weekend they hosted a Easter egg hunt complete with inflatables, games, face paint, cookie decorating and other little snacks. The kids had a blast and were thrilled when Gigi and Bo surprised them by coming to play!
Woo Hoo!! Easter egg hunt day!!

Lane and his sweet friend Olivia!

Lane doing the bunny hop!

This game you were suppose to throw the ring around the bunny ears (like Lane is doing). Bethany had a more efficient way of ringing the bunny ears – just sit down and put the rings on the bunny ears!

Sunday afternoon we went to Gigi and Bo’s house after church to celebrate Bo’s birthday. The kids had a blast playing outside! We are SO READY for summer!

Last night Bethany did not want to go to sleep but she was SO tired. She let me rock her to sleep and I cherished the moment! She never really enjoyed being rocked as a baby. So this is a rare moment.


Easter 2010

Easter week was a crazy week! Our water heater started leaking so we ended up spending several nights at GiGi and Papa Rock. Easter morning Lane woke up at Gigi and Papa Rock’s house and found a surprise from the Easter bunny! The first thing he ran to was Brobie, a little green monster from Yo Gabba Gabba! (sorry the pics are so blurry. I took them with my phone, and he is a quick little fella!)
Elmo Easter eggs!
Gigi showed Lane how his Brobie toy worked – PURE EXCITEMENT!
Gigi and Papa Rock bought him a HUGE Easter bunny!

The Elmo eggs have

The traditional Easter bunny cake. I don’t remember an Easter in my life without this cake. A few adjustments were made this year, mainly the use of m&m’s. I thought maybe Lane might try some cake if it had his favorite candy, but no! Seriously, what child does not like cake??
Lane absolutely LOVED hunting Easter eggs!! We hid and found eggs at least 3 times that afternoon. Then that evening after we put all the Easter eggs in a Ziploc bag, he opened the bag and scattered them around Gigi’s living room. He wanted to hide eggs again!

Gigi bought a case of confetti eggs. Lane did not think it was very funny when she cracked one over his head!

Some of the eggs had quarters! 😀
Lane liked the confetti eggs much better once he realized how to crack them!
Watch out Gigi!!


Later that afternoon, Lane took time to stop and smell the flowers!