Bethany’s Birthday

I love Birthdays! I love letting those I love know how special they are to me and how grateful I am that they were born! So obviously, the kids birthdays are a big deal around here. The whole day centers around them and whatever they want to do!

On Bethany’s birthday, when she woke up we all went in to her room wishing her a Happy Birthday! She was SO excited! I taped a number 3 out of balloons onto her door. (Last year I did that really cute pinterest idea of filling the kids bedroom with balloons while they were asleep. They LOVED it but it also started our day at about 4 am. I’m waiting a couple more years till I try that on again)


Then Bethany ran to the table, where a bunch of little gifts were waiting on her. Her presents were all wrapped in Hello Kitty. I think she loved they paper as much or more than the actual gifts. Even now, almost 2 weeks after her actual birthday, she still says she got Kitty for her birthday.




Then, we had a special birthday breakfast. She had a cinnamon roll with a candle so we could sing Happy Birthday. She SPAZZED out! The entire time we sang she cried and yelled No NO NO! It was only after the song that I realized she was scared of the flame on the candle. Oops!

After breakfast, we opened some of her new toys and played for a bit. Then we asked what she wanted to do for her birthday. THE ZOO!!! So we quickly got ready to go and invited Gigi to come along.


We had so much fun at the zoo! She led the way around. We saw the elephants and played on the playground. Then we found someone doing face paint! Lane wanted an Elephant and Bethany wanted an Alabama “A”.

                                                                               Roll Tide.

We continued looking at the animals. We made it to the giraffes at feeding time. Lane and Bethany had a blast feeding the giraffes.



After the giraffes, we walked around the corner and found camel rides!


Bethany loved the camel ride so much she asked to pet the camel afterwards!

We continued on and had the best time watching all the animals. They were all so active since it was close to feeding time. We watched a zoo keeper hide several fish in one exhibit. Then she released the cats. It was so neat watching the cats “hunt” for the fish!

We finally ended up at the children’s area. We did the new DINO exhibit first. Lane loved it!


Bethany was a little scared! Chris ended up having to hold her and sneak by all the dinos. Every time they would get close to a new dinosaur she would whisper in his ear “shhh. quiet!” So funny!

Thankfully, Bethany warmed up to the dinosaurs by the end!

Then we moved on the carousel. She rode 5 times in a row.


She only got off because we wanted to try to catch the zoo train. We hustled over to the train and made it just in time for the last ride of the day!

On our walk back to the front of the zoo, we found the photo booth. The kids wanted to take a picture so we took on set with family pictures and one set with Gigi and the kids. I love how they turned out!


About that point a rather large man with a growly voice came by to make sure we knew the zoo was closing. Yes sir!

When we got back to the car, it was time for Bethany to decide what she wanted for dinner. Mexican!

So we eat then went home after a fun-filled day. It was a perfect way to celebrate B!