Somehow I blinked my eyes and now my baby has turned into a “big” kindergartener. Last night he was so excited he kept asking to try on his backpack “just ONE more time!”


We skipped naps yesterday hoping that he would be tired enough to fall asleep. Sometime around 9:30 pm we had to fuss at him to go stay in his bed and go to sleep. But in my heart I remember well how exciting the night before school is and I couldn’t help but be thankful that my “big boy” chose his only pair of footie pajamas to sleep in last night. It was such a sweet reminder that though he thinks he’s all grown up, he really is still a sweet baby boy.


Early this morning I woke him and he happily came out to eat breakfast. Then in his sweet groggy voice he said “it’s just SO early and SOOO bright!” Then it seemed like seconds later her was running circles around me ready to help pack his lunch and go to school!

He took the traditional first day of school pictures!

20130819-144721.jpg  20130819-144708.jpg

Then we took a picture in his class of 2026 shirt. I can’t wait to watch him grow into this shirt year after year. (Chris may have told me I was crazy while I was making this shirt. I assured him that I was allowed to be a little crazy, after all, I am sending my first born child to kindergarten!)


Today was early release and this momma was ready to pick him up at 1! I loved hearing him talk about much he already loves his new teacher and made lots of new friends (but he doesn’t know any of their names!). He loves everything about his new school and can’t wait to go back and do it all over again tomorrow!!


And bonus: He ate his entire ham sandwich at lunch today. That’s pretty huge in our world! Woot woot!!!

So tonight, we will go to Lane’s favorite restaurant, Don Pepe, and celebrate a wonderful first day of school! Tomorrow Lane gets to go back to school, then has a party for a new classmate, and he starts soccer too!! (Pray for his sweet teacher on Wednesday morning. Not sure if she’s taught a little zombie before, but I’m sure I will be dropping off one for her. I may need to send some more chocolate!)


The Dewitt Twins

For months, my family has talked and dreamed and guessed what my brother and sister-in-law were having. They decided not to find out the gender of their twins which might have driven me a little crazy. After all, how can a first-time aunt fully spoil these babies…There is only so much yellow and gray a girl can buy, right! But the time passed buy fairly quickly. Sara had a pretty uneventful pregnancy (exactly what everyone wants!) She made it until the twins were considered full term and went in Friday morning for a scheduled C-section. Perfect pregnancy!

I wasn’t able to go down Friday to be there when the babies were born, so I obsessively checked my phone for text. Then, FINALLY, a little after nine I got my mom’s text! My brother had just come out to announce the twins…


TWO GIRLS!!! EEEk!!! The overwhelming majority of us thought the twins were going to be a boy/girl combo. Several thought 2 boys, but almost no one thought two girls! Everyone was surprised. Both girls are perfectly healthy and beautiful.

Here are some pictures of Audrey Harper Dewitt. She is the older, wiser sister by all of 1 minute. She was born at 8:48 am at 5 lbs 12 oz and 18 inches long.


Next came Eva Lillian at 8:49am! The baby (but bigger) sister with the sweetest little cheeks. She weighed in at 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long.


Lane and Bethany adore their new little cousins! (I can’t wait to watch these four run around and play together)

20130812-091835.jpg lane


Here are just a couple more pictures of the beautiful baby girls!